Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chapter 1~I am Lonely

My second day in my own house is my first day of work, at my new job as a firewoman.

It is a very productive day, I meet one of my coworker, Sunny, I maintain the alarm and the truck and there is even an emergency. I am so scared, but I suck it up and quickly put the fire out. I am proud of my self for not fainting.

After I get off work though, I come to a realization, as much as I hated the insanity which was the asylum, I miss living with people. There was nothing to be done about it right now, maybe I can meet someone I think, at least hang around them for a while before I head home.

I head to a nearby apartment building and randomly press a button, I am surprised when a male voice tells me to come up. I quickly get in the elevator before he decides to change his mind.

Upstairs I met Maximus, it turned out he was new to town as well. Though he wasn't doing as well financially as I was, he had not found a job, but he dreamed of painting for a living.

He was a sweet man and I really did not want to see him end up on the street because he couldn't pay his rent, I made a split second and probably inappropriate decision and invited him to live with me, he agreed readily. Which surprised me as well.

Well it dealt with my loneliness problem but what am going to do since he is sleeping in my bed.

The next morning when I woke up on the couch, fully planning on encouraging him to get a job before I went to work and found him on one of my balconies, he had found my easel, and was painting up a storm.

 When he saw me he promised to go out and find a job today. I looked at him skeptically but work called and I left.

When I got to work, I checked the truck and alarm and since they were still in good shape I went to work out with the exercise equipment out back, which was tons of fun when done in a formal gown.

My workout was interrupted by an emergency, I am still surprised I didn't faint.

When I got home Maximus was again painting, so I decided to cook his a fancy meal, since I hadn't been able to do so the night before, and since I had the ingredients for lobster thermometer in the fridge, I decided to make that.
When I called him to dinner, I found out it was his favorite meal, between bites that he shoved in his mouth, he told me he had found a job, he was now a self-employed painter... I was shocked, that wasn't a real job but if he thought he could do it I couldn't stop him, no matter how much it frustrated me.

Yay another update..... I am sorry if this isn't great quality, this is one of my first blogs that I have actually managed to really work on. I also put poser in so when I finally catch up with where my sims actually are in the story you will be seeing better screenshots.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Meet Gwendolyn Rosalia

Hello my name is Gwendolyn Rosalia. 

I have just earned my way out of an insane asylum and earned my right to live among the so called normal people in the town.

I was so happy I had made it to lieutenant, this meant alot to me. My life could start over.

As soon as I contacted my case worker, having hit the fifth level of my fourth job, which was in law enforcement. Proving that I can handle a variety of jobs and people, he congratulated me then gave me two options.

One was to stay in the same town I had lived in since my parents put me in the asylum after high school, or two move out to a different town for a fresh start. My answer was simple, I was moving.

My case worker even helped me get into a new home, or at least provided the money for me to buy a decent home. I was surprised the government did this for me. Apparently not many insane inmates earned their way out of the asylum. The home I bought was two story. It had one bedroom, with one and a half bathrooms.

I loved it, and as soon as my case worker drove away I fully realized my life was now my own, and went back out to the road to head to the local salon. It was time for a new look.

When I entered the salon the first thing I saw the tattoo artist. Immediately I asked for more tattoos, and with my old look they looked hot. After they finished my tattoos, I went to the stylist which was there, and though it was obvious he had no style I asked him for a new style.

I hated it and went to the booth next to his and redid it so I wouldn't look so frumpy, since he didn't even change my hair style, that beanie I had been wearing had to go since it was there only to protect my gorgeous hair from the idiots at the insane asylum.

I looked at myself in the mirror and though my look was great, there was one thing marring my image, the tattoos, all of them, even the ones I had had since high school had to go.

So I went back to the tattoo artist and paid for them to all be removed. Though I felt like I was going to faint from the pain, I made it through it. It was worth it.

I was a new person now, from the salon I went home and read a book to pass the time, I love learning new recipes I shall be sad when I know all of them though glad that I do know all of them.

When it started getting dark I went out to the local dance club and had some fun, dancing on that table was exiting. I don't think I would have been able to do it in a club full of people.

I was very glad I had saved up money so now I didn't have to live hand to mouth, I could have things I was never allowed in the asylum. Like a good stove, a good computer, a telescope, a good fridge, a microwave, and a television.

I headed back home and before I hit the bed for the night, I did one last thing, I went to my new computer and found another job, a job I have always wanted to do since the fires in the asylum.

I could never find the courage to fight the fires myself, frankly I would faint at the very sight of them but the firefighters I called to put them out inspired me so I decided to fight my cowardice and my fears and become a  firefighter.

{And there is my introduction of my Rosalia Family Legacy! I am sorry its short, I plan on the others being longer, and working on making better screenshots. When I finish the chapters for a particular generation I will post the rolls for it.... I hope you keep reading! ~Zerhai}